Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kobe Jones

I went into Kobe Jones with high expectations after hearing all the good reviews from people about it, especially the supposedly yummy-licious volcano roll that is much loved by a number of friends. The restaurant itself was modern and swanky and the warm ambience, especially because we were sitting outside which was lighted by candles, was mood evoking and pleasant which clearly only added to the expectation upon being seated. The lighting was a little too dim so that we couldn't really see our food. All we can really see were shapes and minimal colours. We decided to each order an A La Carte and a Kobe Jones signature dish each so that we can share.

Spider Roll

The first dish came and we eagerly dug in. The spider roll was rather average like any soft shell roll would taste like. hmmm....

Volcano Roll

Next was the volcano roll. The cream and mayonnaise was all that could be tasted amongst the soggy sushi rice and the scallops died away in taste. I can see how it can taste nice because of the cream but that is not what sushi is about.

Calamari Fritto Kobe Jones Style

The calamari fritto was a little soggy due to too much oil (the batter had no crunch in it!). This was rather ordinary and it just tastes like your calamari fried with your standard prawn cutlet batter. I had much better ones at a normal restaurant in Osaka, Japan as well as a normal food court in Chatswood.

Dragon Roll

The dragon roll was particularly well made thanks to the preparation of the unagi (eel) which was not over powering and boneless (thank goodness unlike other sushi places).

Dynamite Roll

As there were some of us on the table who are not into hot and spicy, we ordered a medium level of spiciness for the Dynamite roll. The tuna by itself is spicy and adding the sauce on the side adds a little more kick to it.

Green Tea Salmon

I was really looking forward to this one as anything combined with green tea is right up my alley. This would have been good if it wasn't so salty. The salmon was rather salty and was a mismatch against the wasabi mash and nori cream. I couldn't taste any green tea as the salt was too overpowering in the salmon.

Island Style Ahi Special

This was my favourite (having pineapples in the dish definitely help!). The island style salad adds a refreshing taste against the seared tuna.

Seafood Poke

The colours in the seafood poke is just amazing and a wonderful sight. However, I couldn't see any colours at all at the restaurant, it was only with taking a picture with flash did I see the colours! This is a Hawaiian style sashimi cubes in marinated in poke sauce. What you get here is the natural taste of the sashimi and the seaweed at the bottom adds a nice complexity and texture to the dish.

Overall, some of us left with a feeling that Kobe Jones is probably a bit over-hyped about. Certainly it’s a swanky restaurant with a rather nice ambience however the food along with the shattered service is quite forgettable and it’s not something that you’ll savour or record in your taste bud memory bank.
(Shared review with T.B)

Total Score ~ 15/25
[Taste - 6 (10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 3 (5), Value for Money - 2 (5)]
29 Lime Street
King Street Wharf, Sydney
Tel: 9299 5290


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