Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ichi Ban Boshi

After a hard day's work, a group of us decided to have dinner in the city. We decided upon Ichi Ban at Victoria Galleries.

Ichi Ban Boshi make their own noodles and gyoza and I've heard good things about this place and couldn't wait to try it. We had to take a number and wait although we didn't need to wait for long.

I haven't had ice-cream soda in a while and ordered that.

Our orders came to us served in plates that I've seen in Japan. Nice~

Check out the design of the spoon. Funky~
At least I know my spoon will not slip into the bowl of soup.
E ordered the Shio butter corn ramen noodles. She ended up with a slab of butter. Haha~
IchiBan Boshi

I got the Tokyo ramen with Karaage as extra. It was good. The ingredients were plenty and at a well sized portion. The Karaage was still crunchy even having been dipped into the soup. Overall, it was a good hearty meal.

Total Score ~ 18.5/25
[Taste - 7(10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 3.5(5)]


Level 2, Victoria Galleries, Town Hall
360 Oxford Street, Bondi JunctionK ordered the Tokyo ramen with extra Gyoza on the side.


  1. Hi KJ!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Ichiban Boshi in Bondi Junction is a loooooooooot better =>

    That being said, we should go for dinner there soon =>

  2. Lawrence: OK. I will need to try out the Bondi shop as well. =D

  3. the butter corn ramen looks yummy-licious, but then i have a weakness for saturated fats XD

  4. sharing my japanese favorite spots in Sydney:
    - masuya - pyrmont
    - makoto - liverpool st
    - japanese take away (is it still there opposite paddy's market entrace?)

  5. Hi Rita,

    Jap take away - yup, Kura is still there.

    Is there a Masuya in Pyrmont? where?

    How's HK?

  6. Just out of curiosity. How would you rate Ajisen Ramen compared to Ichi Ban Boshi?

  7. I've only tried the Ajisen Ramen in HK so I can't compare both places in Sydney. However, based on the variety and price and taste, I prefer the Ajisen Ramen I tried in HK over Ichi Ban Boshi in Sydney


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