Wednesday, March 24, 2010

C2S Bakes: Banana & Honey Loaf

Left with some bananas that were ready to retire soon, I decided to use them and bake something instead. Browsed my numerous collection of recipe books and decided to make a banana and honey loaf recipe from the Little food collection series by Lauren Glen. I adore this series and have to say that I have the entire collection as each recipe comes with a picture of how the food should look like and the food comes out delicious.

This took me about slightly over an hour to make but is quite simple. The smell wafting from the oven as it is being baked had many eager eyes looking in that direction.

The top bit was sweet from the honey glaze and crunchy with the texture of the cake being really smooth, very light and soft. A good accompaniment for tea or breakfast.

I did not add any nuts but if you want a bit of bite to it, I think adding nuts into this will make it even better!


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