Thursday, March 4, 2010

C2S Bakes:Black bottom cupcakes

Having the rare chance when I am home and having the inspiration to bake (due to some lovely friends who puts in their requests). I decided on black bottom cupcakes from the Hummingbird recipe book. You can get the recipe book from Hummingbird bakery or in bookstores.

These cupcakes are a little tougher to make as it is a two-layered cupcake. I was quite excited as I haven’t made icing before and as I took out all my baking utensils from the storage box, I couldn’t wait to start.

Don't you just love the sight of butter sinking into a mountain of flour?

You start off making the chocolate base before moving on to the cream cheese base. You can layer the cheese filling on top of the chocolate base which I did in my first batch.

With the second batch (it was so good that I had to make more for other eagerly awaiting tummies), I placed both fillings side by side rather than layering. It creates a yin-yang effect and gives a different vision to the cupcakes.

While the cupcake was baking, time to make the icing. Word of caution: icing sugar is extremely fine and will fly around when using the electric beater. I’m sure I inhaled some sugar!

Once the cupcakes are done, give it time to cool and then top it up with icing. This is a really nice cupcake, it’s best when the texture is moist and yet dense with a slight tinge of fluffiness. Using dark chocolate makes it less sweet or eliminating the icing still makes it delicious for those who don’t have a sweet tooth! I used chopped up chocolate bits in the first batch that I thought went much better than the second batch where chocolate chips were used. The chocolate chips were too chunky when interplayed with the rest of the cupcake.


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