Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sherlock S, Whitby Beach

My August long weekend is another local trip for this year and I ended up at Whitby Beach. My friend, Mili raved about the cream teas she had here the last time and insisted that we should try. After some minor mishaps with sandstorms or it definitely felt like it and voluminous winds that shorten our walking trails, we ended up seeking shelter in the enclosures of shops.

Barely an hour after a heavy lunch and the skies threaten to greet us once again with rain. It wasn’t a hard decision to head straight into Sherlock Holmes as we were standing right outside it by that time.

It was like being transported into a different era. The design and décor was kept how it was in the old days. Classical music being played in the background enhances the feeling of calmness and adds to the atmosphere. Tiny tables are placed at odd nooks and crannies where groups and couples are having private conversations. A very cosy setting indeed!

I was still really stuffed from a giant lunch of fish and chips but did place an order for their afternoon tea (thinking to myself how was I going to eat it)!

 Our teas arrived, in teapots and a cup that is understatedly simple yet classic. It was a few moments more before the scones and cream arrived. The scone was a little on the hard side and a tad dry. According to Mili, she had scones that just came out of the oven fresh last time which makes a difference.

The cream however, is another story altogether! It was fantastically amazing. Texture so light and yet with just the right amount of creaminess that it seems to almost slide down your throat like silk. This is really fresh and more than made up for the imperfections of the scone. There was no hesitation in piling on the cream onto my scone, with my stuffed belly cast aside as I relish and sank into orgasmic pleasure.

Even when there were no more pieces of scone left, I was licking the remains of the cream with my knife! If you happen to be in Whitby, find this place amidst the tons of other cream tea places available, this experience has been safely tagged in my Top 10 good food memory bank.


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