Monday, December 13, 2010

Malaysian Banquet Dec 2010

Malaysia Kitchen ran their second Malaysian Banquet in December this year as part of promoting Malaysia and its cuisine.

It involves 4 Malaysian restaurant presenting their signature dishes for you to sample and rate! Best of all, it's free!

Having grown up in Malaysia, I couldn't wait to check out what the 4 restaurants have to offer. The 4 restaurants this time round is 54 Pinang, Awana, Delima and Melati.

Malaysian Banquet Dec 2010
Top (Left to right) - Delima: Ayam Masak Merah, 54 Pinang: Beef Masak Kicap "Mamak Style"
Bottom (Left to right) - Awana: Beef Rendang, Melati: Kari Kerisik Ayam

For some strange reason, the top 2 are my favourites with the Ayam Masak Merah from Delima being the winner and the favourite for me. This is quite spicy but with each mouthful, it just makes you want to eat more.

The Beef Masak Kicap is a sweet based dish with a heat kick at the end. My second favourite dish. You definitely need to eat this with rice or the sweet sauce might be an overkill.

The Beef Rendang for me was too creamy, I like my rendang slightly dry and rustic.

The Kari Kerisik Ayam is a cream based curry that was tasty, nothing more nothing less.

This was a good way and experience to try the signature dishes of some Malaysian restaurants. I know which one I will definitely be going back to.

You can find out more at Malaysia Kitchen.


  1. Hey this sounded great. I would have loved to have gone.

  2. Agirlhastoeat - Sweet! If I know of another one, we can go together!! =)


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