Monday, December 20, 2010

Princess Garden of Mayfair

Have I mentioned how much I like dim sum? I can have it everyday although I guess that it might be impractical to do so.

For Day 2 of the Dim Sum Marathon Week comes Princess Garden of Mayfair. Making sure that there was a fairly large party of us in order to be able to have a bigger variety, we all got there on time and started to peruse the menu.

I was told that their version of the Peking Duck is quite good but you apparently have to call an hour before coming in if you want it so unluckily for us, Peking Duck was off the menu.

Let the feast begin,

Picture 116

Baked Char Sui Pork Buns 叉燒焗餐飽
Dough Stick Cheung Fun 乍两腸粉
King Prawns Cheung Fun 鮮蝦腸粉
Soy Chicken
Shredded Taro Pancakes 芋絲煎薄餅
Fried Wonton
Prawn Dumpling 蝦餃
Scallop Gai Lan Dumplings 玉蘭帶子餃

Picture 117Picture 115Picture 118Picture 122
First Pic: Fried Dumpling, Fried Wonton
Second Pic: Vegetable Dumpling
Third Pic: Soy chicken, King Prawns Cheung Fun 鮮蝦腸粉
Fourth Pic: Chicken Feet, Tripe
Picture 119Picture 123Picture 125Picture 128
First Pic: Dough Stick Cheung Fun 乍两腸粉
Second Pic: Egg Tart, Taro Croquette
Third Pic: Scallop Gai Lan Dumplings 玉蘭帶子餃
Fourth Pic: Shu Mai

Picture 127Picture 126Picture 124
First Pic: Pork Ribs
Second Pic: Shredded Taro Pancakes 芋絲煎薄餅
Third Pic: Malay Cake 马来糕

There were some hits and some misses here. The misses go to the cheung fun, the prawn dumplings, fried dumplings and fried wonton.

The hits were the soy chicken, the scallop gai lan dumplings which were tasty and full of flavour.

I did not take down the prices of each individual dim sum but it is slightly below Royal China Canary Wharf or even Phoenix Palace, Pearl Liang prices as it came up to
£12pp. Considering that they are located in Central London, coupled with nice clean décor surroundings. There were enough good dim sum to make this my new favourite place.

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  1. This one has been on my list for a while and I may just have to go after your write-up. I'm also pleasantly surprised that's it's cheaper than the restaurants you mentioned, as it looks classy and is in Mayfair

  2. Hi Mr Noodles, I was pleasantly surprised too as it was in Mayfair but I remember paying only about £12pp and it being in central london and me having an East London postcode, it ticked enough boxes for me.


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