Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boba Jam: When Bubble Tea and I become reunited again

I love bubble tea. Whenever the words bubble tea is mentioned, my eyes widen and lit up. I will be looking around and asking "where?". When I was in Sydney, I used to have bubble tea nearly every day.

Picture 002

On a recent trip to Chinatown, I noticed a brand new shop which specialises in bubble tea. I was so excited as I haven't found a shop that makes good bubble tea in London. I was too stuffed that day to have bubble tea but when my bubble tea friend who loves it as much as I do, Mili visited me in London the week after, we definitely made our way to Boba Jam.

This place is so new that you can still smell the paint that was freshly laid on the walls.

Picture 001

We both got a bubble tea each, with mine being a hot version and Mili’s a cold version. They are GOOD! We both agreed that the pearls are made just right. Soft with a chewy centre, with just the right balance of gumminess/springback, otherwise known as QQ in its texture.

I have found my bubble tea place!

Boba Jam, 102 Shaftesbury Avenue Chinatown W1D5EJ


  1. Weird, I just commented on a blog I found via tastespotting on a post on boba tea!
    I bought some of those large black pearls and made a bubble drink (peanut and coconut) and blogged it as well, ages ago!
    I must check this place out ASAP!

  2. We are lucky to have some amazing bubble tea places here in Taipei, including our favorites where the boba have the perfect "QQ" as well as an amazing brown sugar taste! A lot of places miss out with a lack of a good joint for a boba fix! Glad you found yours!

  3. Without sounding like a total Grinch, I've bever understood the fuss about bubble tea. That said, it's good to see more places offer it.

    BTW - do they sell snacks and light meals here?

  4. Kavey - You'll like it. There have sooo many variations!

    Brett - Thanks...bubble teas are da bomb! What's your favourite combo?

    Mr Noodles - they do sell other stuff but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I was very intrigued as to why they would have ingredients such as tomatoes being offered for one of their other non-bubble tea selections. It's a very small place, think they only do drinks and small desserts.

  5. Oooh! I didn't see this place last weekend - I have to keep my eyes more open!

  6. Su-Lin - It's along Shaftesbury Avenue. I can't quite remember the exact address, it's slightly diagonally across from Wardour Street if that helps. =)

  7. I have also never had bubble tea, looks better than Scotch eggs though. I think I will try this one :)

  8. Ute - Definitey bubble tea before scotch eggs! =) Hope you like it...they have many combinations so you can pick whether you like it hot or cold and what type of teas or milk teas you like. Let me know what you think.

    Mr Noodles - I went back again and they also have Ai Yu Jelly and soy pudding.

  9. I have tried bubble tea today! I tried the one with milk and taro, it was good!(but now I feel a little bit sick, I should not have downed the whole thing..)

  10. Ute - I love milk and taro but it is very very filling...especially with the large cup size! I get slightly sick too if you drink the whole thing with the pearls. Hope you're feeling better now.


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