Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fatty Crab & Momofuku Milk Bar NYC: A night of freezing bliss

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Finally, this was the only night where there was no work dinner arranged for my NY work trip. One of my workmates and I kindly declined joining some of the guys for dinner and off we went by ourselves to do some shopping and of course eating.

2 hours later with shopping done and tummies hungry, we headed off to search for Fatty Crab at the meatpacking district.

With no reservations made, we were banging on our luck that there will be a table for us which there was. I have to apologise for the poor quality photos, the place was really dark and the photos came out all black. So we had to use another iPhone as a torch to take these pics.

It was quite strange as I expected Fatty Crab to be in a proper restaurant. Instead, think crammy nooks and crannies in a pub with funky music in the background.

Picture 035
Quail egg shooters $7

I could hardly make out the quail eggs due to the dim lighting and trying to make a toast with them was clearly not a good idea. This was half cooked quail eggs with a healthy dash of sambal on top. Short, quick, sharp and spicy! Who would have thought but you are downing chilli shots and it was fun!

Picture 041
Lo Si Fun - short rice noodles, shitake, chinese sausage $17

Lo Si Fun is a dish that I grew up eating. It literally means ‘rat’s tails noodles’, reason being that the shape of the noodles are long and thin with one end being pointed, just like the tail of a rat. The shapes gives a different experience when eating noodles. The noodles from here are fatter and longer than the norm. It sort of took a way a little of the pleasure of the slipperiness and bite of a normal type.

However, this was still a good and tasty interpretation.

Picture 042
Charred Squid – broccoli, cured lemon, herbs $14

This was a disappointment. To begin, the portion is quite dismal, only half a plate? I didn't realise that charred squid was fried squid which was what we were served with. The ingredients just did not harmonise.

Picture 045
Watermelon Pickle & Crispy Pork $17

Such an interesting description that we just had to order it. The crispy pork is like char siu and was deliciously savoury. Paired together with the watermelon, it just works! The trick is the watermelon being pickled. That slight sour and salty and savoury, oh yes!

Picture 044
Ikan Bakar – roasted whole fish, fresh sambal $25

I didn't realise but we got a whole fish with this dish. The fish was fresh and the sambal add just the right kick, we definitely needed rice to wash it down with.

At this point, we suddenly realised that we forgot to order the rendang. After a minute of debate, we agreed to wait and place in the order.

Picture 046
Short Ribs Rendang – Kaffir Lime, Coconut Rice, Gula Jawa $24

That was an excellent decision as this is the winner of our entire dinner. The short ribs were so tender and juicy and the rendang was divine. Considering that I have preference for the dry type and this was clearly not, it is really that good. The coconut rice only added and heightened the flavours.

Picture 047

We got a free Amuse Bouche - coconut bites

We were all happy and satisfied. We were so full and decided that we should try to be a little healthy by getting out at an earlier station and walk 10 blocks back to our hotel.

Picture 048

What did we pass but Momofuku milk bar that was barely 5 minutes away from our hotel. The sweet tooth in us just could not resist.

Picture 057
Picture 053
Check out what they have, kimchi butter? as well as an assortment of pies. We sampled the two soft serve that was available, cereal milk and salted pistachio caramel. My goodness, that is one SALTY ice cream.

Picture 059

My workmate is such a genius, she suggested that we get a mixed soft swirl which can be done. So the cereal milk helped to lessen the saltiness somewhat.

So GOOD! We were squealing the whole way back saying "it's so cold" and with frozen fingers. Ice cream in winter? That is crazy but crazy good.

Fatty Crab, 643 Hudson St, Meatpacking District, New York, NY 10014

Fatty Crab on Urbanspoon

Momofuku Milk Bar (Midtown), 15 West 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Momofuku Milk Bar (Midtown) on Urbanspoon


  1. Sounds like you were having so much fun! Ice cream in winter? hmmm..

  2. Jeannie - Was feeling a little like a glutton after all that eating and it was only Day 3!!


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