Wednesday, July 27, 2011

C2S Travels - Palermo, Sicily

I was quite excited about heading away on a 10 day trip to Sicily. It has always made me wonder whenever I noticed Sicilians considered themselves to be unique and individual with their own cuisine and identity. Having never been to the South of Italy, I've heard that it is quite different to its northern neighbours.

I was looking forward to a robust and boisterous experience with fantastic scenery and food in tow.

On the first day that we arrived, we were too tired to do much other than walk around having not had any sleep the night before.

We were just walking around randomly and were brought out by our delightful B&B owner for some lunch and a home cooked dinner.
He has the most amazing B&B, check out some of the room designs (


Strolling through the winding narrow streets lined with pebbles, the stamp of Baroque Arab architecture was still quite evident.

We walked through the main streets and sidetrack into the alleyways whenever we can to immerse and feel the sense of what it was like living here.

The locals are very matter of fact friendly even though they do not look so from their expressions. It is easy to ask for help or directions and they do greet you when you walk by.

A few notable places and sites to see:

  • Capella Palatina, Cathedrale, Fontana Pretoria, San Cataldo, Quattro Canti, Teatro Massimo - these are close to each other and you won't miss it. It is in all tourist maps.
  • Monreale - You will have to take a bus but is definitely worth seeing, it takes half a day.
  • Cripta dei Cappuccini - Seeing how the dead used to be kept and maintained.
Here are some photos of a few places that we visited which I do recommend.






1. It is not necessary to have a car to go around in Palermo. Most attractions are easily accessible on foot.

2. To Monreale, take bus 389 which is available around the Cathedrale.

3. Arriving into Palermo airport, you can take a bus which takes you to the central train station in 30 minutes or so for €5.80.

4. Most places are closed for siesta which means that you need to plan your sightseeing which is broken into the morning and evening with a siesta break between 1pm - 3.30pm.

For food adventures, please click here.

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  1. I loved it! People should take time to explore Palermo properly and wander through the winding streets throughout the city. The very heart of Palermo city is based around the Piazza Pretoria, while those in need of tourist information will find the main tourism office on the Piazza Castelnuovo, where a bi-monthly agenda is available.
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