Monday, August 22, 2011

Dishoom Chowpatty Beach Bar, Southbank

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The day after the riots, the city of London was quiet. Office emails were sent out asking people to go home early. Police went to shops and asked them to shut early. I had a class and a meet up with a friend and after discussing with her, we decided to still meet up.

We ended up heading to Southbank to visit Dishoom Chowpatty Beach. The air had a slight uneasiness vibe but people who were out and about were still going about their business as usual.

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We made our orders, waited for our drinks at the bar by which time our food was ready for us.

Calamari £5

We started with fried calamari that was dressed with Lime and Chilli. These babies are GOOD! Crumbly fried bits clinging to chewy pieces of calamari, the more you chew, the more pronounces the flavours of tanginess and touches of sweet and spicy comes at you.

Bhel £4.5

This is puffed rice with chutney and pomegranates mixed together with it. Puffed rice definitely gives a different take on rice texture and the pomegranates adds a lovely crunch. Tad spicy too for non-spicy eaters.

The Dishoom Frankie £6

This was lamb mince wrapped in fresh naan bread. Of all the choices ordered, this I was the least impressed with. I would have preferred if it was not as soggy and the naan bread had a more toasty texture to it. The dominant taste was of flour rather than the lamb mince which need maybe an extra touch of seasoning?

Chicken ruby

Chicken ruby and naan £7

Tender pieces of chicken swirling in curry. The best ways to eat this is using your hands and tear off pieces of the naan and swoop in to scoop the curry. It can get messy but how else to enjoy this?

The prices are reasonable and are a great place for a meal or even a snack. Dishoom Chowpatty Beach will not be open for long, so I say head there before it closes!

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: No

Dishoom Chowpatty Beach Bar
Queen Elizabeth Hall Terrace Southbank Centre Belvedere Rd
London, SE1 8XX

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  1. We've had a few lovely nights down there- a kulfi and then a walk by the river is pretty darn civilised.

  2. I loved the ruby there ..... Really good ....

  3. I'm glad to hear that you're ok! It was so alarming hearing about what was happening :(

  4. Looks great. I really like Dishoom in Covent Garden - I assume this is related?


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