Monday, November 28, 2011

Chat Time: Food poisoning and what do you choose?


Some of you may know that I got a bout of food poisoning the past few days. This recent incident got me thinking back to a question that I had a long time ago.

I was in South Africa when I too got a bout of food poisoning then, we had to make our way back from the weekend seaside beach back to the city and I was truly down and out. My poor companion had to drive alone for several hours, within that time we stopped as though I couldn't eat, she needed to.

We stopped at a recommended place and well known for their oysters. I've been told that the oysters are really great here and to my utter disappointment, all I could do was watch her eat while I watch in silence and agony. Look at the photos, don't they look great?

South Africa

To this day, I've regretted not eating those oysters, especially when my companion was raving about it the whole time.

It got me thinking, if you are going to be somewhere where you might not have a chance to head back anytime soon and you have an opportunity to eat some really delicious food, would you just say "Screw the food poisoning, since I have to suffer anyway, I might as well eat them?" or "I need to let my body get over this and so forever let go of that delicious food"?

What would you do?


  1. I would eat them. But that's me! No self control, not even for my own good. :)

  2. Depends what the food is. Oysters would make me wretch, but if it's something that is simpler e.g. chicken then I might give it a shot.

  3. Well.. if your food poisoning was anything like mine, I couldn't even LOOK at PHOTOS of food, let alone real food. So no way, I couldn't handle it.

  4. Mr Noodles - As in plain chicken or fried chicken or is chicken your vice? =)

    Catty - true true. I've had pretty bad food poisoning that lasted days and those that were only 24 hours. I guess I will eat it if my food poisoning was just mild. Otherwise, it's just the bed and pillows for me.

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  6. in the end it depends if the food poisoning is diarrhea only or also vomiting. If nausea, no food possible... if 'only' diarrhea, well then I'm with Mr. Noodles, depends on the food ;)


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