Tuesday, December 20, 2011

C2S goes camping at Lake District

I can't quite recall the last time I went camping. I remember staying in villages with gracious host families who lived in a 2 room wooden house where the whole family sleeps in one room and eats and play in the other. The men will go out to work and the ladies will track around the jungle searching for wild vegetables and such for the family meal. Mosquitoes here were deadly and I had many a mosquito bites which left a 4cm radius mark on my skin that is blue/black in colour. Ah, memories from the past.

However, camping I think I have not been and with that I joined some friends of mine when they decided on a camping excursion in Lake District.

Picture 100

Along the way, we stopped at this family grocer store which sells really awesome produce and picked up some Wensleydale cheeses, crackers, tomatoes, scones amongst other goodies.

Wensleydale cheeses

We continued on our way till we arrived at the camping site where there were already quite a few tents setup. We circled the entire site twice trying to find the best vantage point and we finally settled on this tiny little hill to park ourselves.

It was quite an experience pitching a tent and learning the ropes (literally). After all that hard work, it was time for a picnic where we were mixing a bit of everything and coming up with new creations.

The jackpot was when we got this combination of crackers with a tomato and topped with caramelised onion chutneys. The combination was an explosion of deliciousness.

We also had a duo of cheeses comprising of Wensleydale cheese with ginger and a cheddar and caramel onions. The cheddar and caramel onions had the consistency and tasted like fudge.

It started to rain shortly after and we just stayed in our tents chatting away and having many a good laugh. The Lake District area is absolutely beautiful and this is what I saw when I woke up in the morning and open my eyes plus a few more pictures.

Camping is definitely a cheap way of staying and exploring Lake District.


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