Wednesday, January 27, 2010

C2S Travels: Tokyo Day 1

This post is long overdue and is a continuation from here. I still decided to post it up as I spent a lot of time working on the posts and pictures and absolutely loved my trip!


After grabbing some dinner, we were too excited being in Tokyo that we went walking around even though it is already close to 11pm. To my luck, I came upon this shop.

YES! It’s ‘RanKing RanQueen’. Top of my list for stores to visit when I am in Tokyo. The store works on the concept of every product that is sold in the store is part of a top 3, top 5 or top 10 list. It can be anything from drinks to food to makeup to socks. Handy place to go to find out the latest craze or what is the top product in that category.

Especially if you’re a tourist and need somewhere to start before delving into all things Japanese and scratching your head as to which one to get. Stickers with the No. 1, No.2 numbering tags definitely helps.

I got some of my favourite stuff this way from a similar ranking store in Kyoto.

TB was scratching his head when I squealed in delight as I found what I always wanted to get.

Yes, it looks a little too short as slippers doesn’t it? LOL! It’s actually made that way intentionally. By wearing these, the lower part of your feet is about an inch lower than the top part so what it does it that it stretches your calves at the end of the day when you’re wearing it at home. Meant to keep the calves long and lean.

Check out my review here.


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