Wednesday, February 3, 2010


After all the shopping in Shibuya, our stomachs were rumbling and it was time to feed not just our shopping appetites but our bodies as well. We turned around the corner and saw the sign to this restaurant. I remember reading in a travel book that this came recommended. With no hesitation to get out of the rain and to rest our weary hands laden with bags, we went straight in for some nourishment.

This is known to be an inexpensive BBQ meat restaurant that always have a steady stream of customers. It's specialty which is this is only 1000 yen.

We were not disappointed when it arrive. In fact, we were starting to struggle to finish it. The BBQ meat was moist and succulent. The dish on the top left is grated yam I believe. TB didn't like it but I love it. It was something different.

This restaurant is definitely a bargain and the delicious food is a bonus!


山大楼 B1楼


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