Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eva Airways - Shanghai to Taipei

开胃冷盘- 蜜汁梅子鸡卷, 黄金鸟鱼子
Appetizer – Chicken roll with plum, stew pork tendon, red mullet roll slice

The chicken roll with plum was appetising indeed. The sourness of the plum combine with the chicken was a nice way to kickstart the appetite. The appetizer was a good start, the only hit and miss selection was the red mullet roll slice. The was also a small cherry tomato with jelly inside that was definitely a new way of eating tomatoes!

主菜 – 豪皇鲍鱼 (头鲍)佐红饭 , 梅乾扣肉佐刈包
Main - Superior abalone served with ruby rice, braised pork with preserved vegetable served with steamed bun

The abalone was still surprising soft , very impressive for an airplane food. It came really nicely decorated with butterfly shaped peppers and star shaped carrots. Really Kawaii!!

The braised pork in steamed bun is a local dish and is an excellent introduction before entering Taiwan. This was yummy!

Couldn’t resist devouring their dessert as well.

I have to agree that EVA airways actually serve one of the best airplane food so far based on all the different airlines that I have travelled on. This is my first time on EVA airways and based on the food and service, will not be my last.

PS. The only airline so far where I have been on where the tub of butter that is served is already soft enough to spread on breads immediately. This has always been one of my peeves as the butter always comes still frozen and hard and I have to wait until the end of the meal before the butter becomes softer.

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