Sunday, March 28, 2010

C2S Travels: Taipei Day 1

Yippeeeee……after a long stint in China, I am forced to leave the country or I would become in illicit with the law. The destination that I have decided to head to is Taipei.

Have never been to that country but I have a lot of friends from there and watch heaps of Taiwanese shows. It was a long wait at the airport waiting to check in. I was so early that the check in counter wasn’t even open.
I chose to fly with EVA airways. The staff crew were really nice and friendly and I was pleasantly surprised with the food. It was delicious, I think it is definitely at the top of my list from all the airlines that I have been on. Check out the food review here.

Got to the airport and was out within half an hour, went to pick up my youth travel card which is actually a key chain! It was quite late by the time I was settled in the hotel. The hotel is really great, the staff was so helpful and was there at every step. It’s great when you get wireless internet access in the room as it means that I can seat anywhere within the room. It is a Japanese inspired styled room where you even have a section for 泡澡!

So excited to finally be here that I decided to walk around the streets and grab a bite to eat. By the time I head to bed, it was way past midnight! That is my first night in Taipei!


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