Monday, March 28, 2011

C2S Travels: Washington Day 2 & 3

Day 2 & 3 found me headed to The National Mall where most of the Smithsonian museums are located.

Did you know that the Smithsonian museum was founded by a British who has never been to the US?


First stop was the Museum of American History where I spent loads of time at the Julia Child section. Julia Child is such an icon and even though they were showing shows that were aired like 20-30 years ago, I was still equally mesmerised. I was equally fascinated with all her kitchen gadgets too!

julia child

I can see how Americans who watch her show grew up with her as she was still on TV at a very old age. Super hugs to her husband who was there for her for all things big and small which was mentioned.

Julia Child 3

I literally had to tear myself away to check out the other exhibitions. The biggest draw is the Star Spangled Banner. Very interesting story to this one. It was originally but now there is only left as the custodian was giving away snippets of it as keepsakes to people.

The whole place is really inspiring.

Natural history museum

Next stop was the natural history museum. I can't believe how cool and awesome this place is. Seriously, both kids and adults will be mesmerised. The whole place is so well planned and the exhibitions are so engaging and well designed. You have to go to see for yourself. By far the best I've seen.

Next stop was the air and space museum. I know that this has over million visitors in a year but the ventilation wasn't that great and I was feeling hot and stuffy and this is in the winter. The place feels a little dated too. Still, manage to catch the highlights such as the Amelia Earhart plane and the Wrights Brothers.

That was enough walking for me and I went off to head for dinner at a famous landmark which even has its own gift shop.

The next day arrived and I headed for The Capitol and Library of Congress. I totally didn't realise that they are not open on a Sunday. Duh!! So tip for travellers, head there on a Saturday and the museums on a Sunday.


So off I went to check out the Eastern Markets instead. I decided to head there by foot which allowed me to walk through residential areas and immersing myself even if it was just for those few moments in what life is like here.

It feels great to watch people going about their daily lives. I see people with groceries, families heading for Sunday church, a child having an argument with his dad.

I arrived at the markets and it was quite interesting.

My earlier mistake meant that had more time to visit the Natural History museum which I did. I even went to the Freer Gallery to check out the Peacock Room.

Ventured into the Visitor Centre after and managed to catch an introduction video. Lesson learnt, the FIRST thing that you should do is head to the Visitor Centre and watch this video. It is so inspiring and told more about the museums than my guidebook did.

I headed to try the famous Mitsitam cafe in the African American museum after. Hey, if they can even have their own cookbook, it should be worth checking out.

My last stop was the National Portrait Gallery to view all the Presidents portraits.

That's all for Washington on my 2.5 day trip. There is still so much more to see if you like museums and history, you can easily spend 5 days here including checking out neighbouring Georgetown and heading to the Kennedy centre for some free evening entertainment. There were also other places like madam tussahs, spy museums and many more.

I did manage to squeeze in a foreign film movie.

For more photos, click here.


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