Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Beard Papa's 1st Time

I've been working in Chatswood for quite a bit and decided to check out food blogs on what food that I might not know about. Came across this post by Helen about Beard Papa's. It turned out that this originated from Osaka where I was on holiday barely two months ago and did try some.
I decided to try this in Sydney and went searching for Beard Papa's. I have to say that it really isn't easy to find unless you were specifically searching for it. Finally found it and I was so excited.

They had this sign up which displays some of the facts about Beard Papa's. Anything that says cream, chicken and eggs is good with me!

Cream Puffs display and cream machine

Cream placed into the puff in action

Adding the final touches

I bought the original "vanilla" puffs as the "green tea" version was not available. The lady selected a puff from the display of puffs and place it at one of the machines to fill it with vanilla. After some dusting of icing sugar, it was placed into a plastic bag (depicted below) and it is now in my hands!

Vanilla puff in the bag!

I hurriedly went back to the office and open it. looks delicious! Took my first bite and wow! The puff itself is crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The pastry is light and airy so that it doesn't leave a heavy feeling in your mouth! Got to the vanilla and it was could see the specks of vanilla bean in the cream. Took a picture but you can't quite see the vanilla bean specks!

I went back two days later to see if I can try the green tea version and yippee! They have it! I decided to buy a few more for some friends of mine and ended up buying twelve (1 puff - $2.50, 12 puffs = $12.00). They placed the puffs into a box this time.

They were all arranged so nicely in the box. The kitchen has three machines and each holds one flavour. The chocolate puff was dusted with cocoa powder, green tea puff with "matcha" powder and so on.

Guess which one I tried first? The green tea one of course as I am obsessed with all things green tea. The flavour was really strong which was what I like and the puff is still as what I described and had the first time.
Yummy....I have to say that the cream was always cold, even the ones that I bought in Japan. Next time, I might experiment by heating it up in the oven to see how it taste like.

If you have tried the hot version, tell me about your experience.

Total Score ~ 21/25
[Taste - 9 (10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 4 (5)]
To find locations in Australia, please check out this site.

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  1. Thanks for writing and introducing Beard Papa.

    HOPE these information help if you are coming to Syndey for our famous crispy cream puff.

    Address :
    Beard Papa Sweets
    No.90A Macquarie Centre Shopping Complex


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