Sunday, March 25, 2007

C2S Travels: The Peak, Hong Kong

I remembered going to the Peak 10 years ago when I was first here but couldn't recall much! Thus, I made it a point to go there again this time.

The view is simply fabulous and the air....cold and crisp! My sis and I had sooo much fun up there and was laughing our heads off a few was truly a great experience.

There are a few lookout spots and we only went to two of them. Picture taking wasn't the easiest as our hair was blown into disarray constantly by the wind.

I also managed to find the best exchange rate counter so far in HK which is here at the Peak. Haha...
As I have not sat on the mini bus (小巴)before, my sis and I decided to take it to get to where we wanted to go. Honestly, we went around in circles looking for it as it wasn't with where the rest of the buses were. The first pic is where all the buses are, there is a double decker bus that goes to "The Peak" but if you suffer from motion sickness, not the best one to be taking. I was suffering from a headache when I took it to come back down from "The Peak". Had to discover this the hard way! :(

You see the little gap next to the trees on the right? That is where you have to go to take the mini bus.

Honestly! We were going around in circles looking for the bus stand. So for anyone taking the mini bus, it is actually at the "International Finance Centre (IFC)".

The mini bus is actually cheaper than the double decker bus but for those who have the Octopus card , The tram is the cheapest from what I can tell from the price list in the picture below. You would also have a pretty cool view and unique ride.

And here comes some of the pics that I took of the fantastic view and the sun setting....


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