Amazing Culinary Experiences

This is a list of dishes or meals & experiences which had all the fireworks and sparks and which are forever ingrained in my memories and tummy!

The combination of the savoury & creaminess of the duck eggs with the aroma of truffles, heavenly!

Wonderfully play of flavours and textures, so many elements combining and swirling to create a gastronomic experience.

My virgin experience of a macaron and I instantly fell in love with the salted caramel version. Nothing comes close to this yet!

It was soooo good that I want to train under his dessert chef. The variety of colours, flavours and textures. Never quite know what you're getting next. His creations are refreshing, intricate and different! This tasting menu will definitely be relived for years to come.

The most beautiful light creamy texture possible, I have never had chicken liver parfait tasted this mind blowingly good. All encased with the aesthetic of a Mandarin. What could be more unique?

The Loft Project
Chefs from around the world given free reign to cook up a meal. Each time is different and is definitely a one of a kind experience. I absolutely loved the event I attended with Nuno Mendes at the helm.

Truly deserving of the title National Cupcake Champion for 2010. His cupcakes are light and creamy and rich at the same time.

Deep dark rich chocolate & hazelnut on a light as air crust. Truly wonderful!

This was my first and is still one of the most memorable and best degustation I've had. Maybe it is something to do with it being my first!

Decadently fantastic and so much more at AUD10!

Each & every dish was wonderfully flavoured, the sauce, the ingredients. Wonderful Japanese degustation that doesn't break the bank!

This has ALL of us licking every last tiny morsel off the plate, enough said!

Who would have thought that smoked duck breast would go with a jelly? This works & wonderfully so!

10 course crab degustation  - Osaka
I need to post this up but if anyone heads to Osaka, you have to try this!

Not only did we have a fabulous dinner and breakfast, the whole experience is just beautiful! 


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