Sunday, August 12, 2012

River Cafe, Hammersmith

Ms. Chocoholic raves about the chocolate nemesis and would describe in detail, its loveliness and the pleasure that she experienced when she had it the first time. She said that we should try it where it originally came from and It didn't take much convincing after where we found ourselves heading to The River Cafe.

With the sun shining and kids and people enjoying the al fresco seating outside, you couldn't help but be in a jolly mood. Exuding an antipodean cafe vibe, we were relaxed and in a good mood.


The Calamai al Ferri £15 was simple, clean and fresh.


Agnoli di Coniglio - pasta stuffed with rabbit slow-cooked with spring garlic and Franz Haas Pinot Nero £14

River Cafe

Tagliatelle di Asparagi con Fonduta - pasta with asparagus, cream, egg yolk and parmesan £14


Dover Sole wood roasted with Capers & Marjoram with slow-cooked Florence Fennel and large leaf rocket £34


Blue Lobster split & wood roasted with Wild Oregano, Chilli & Lemon with Crushed Potatoes, Spring Peas & Wild Watercress £45


Lamb with Salsa Rosso Piccante, Borlotti di Lamon & Chargrilled Leeks £31

Overall, each dish was tasty and the flavours were clean and balanced though it wasn't brilliant.  For the prices charged, I would expect it to be justified by either the ingredients to be of really good quality that simplicity cooking is used to allow the natural flavours to sing through or cooking techniques and flavours were paired for something delicious. It was neither for me.

We now arrived at desserts and the infamous chocolate nemesis was ordered amongst others.

I have to say that Ms. Chocoholic's description sounded better than it tasted.


Chocolate Nemesis £9


Lemon Tart £8

Ricotta with Grappa & Champagne Rhubarb

We still had a great time but the company was more memorable than the food itself.

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: No
Have I had better: Yes

River Cafe, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA

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  1. The foods look delicious, but it's always personal taste and preference that work on judging them as favorable or not to your taste buds. But for a quick relief of hunger, I think I would go for agliatelle di Asparagi con Fonduta - pasta with asparagus, cream, egg yolk and parmesan and indulge in lemon tart afterwards.


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