Missed Out

This is a list of places where I've been to which did not make it into the blog. It will still be nice to include a brief summary as well as pictures which are available on my Flickr.

Adobo - It was sloppily made and soggy. Wasn't too impressed.

Ben's Canteen - Love the bread dips which is different from just butter that is usually served with. The beetroot dip has a slight curry tinge to it while the butternut squash has a fizz to it like champagne. Great vibe and I would come back for brunch.

Chilli Cool - I wasn't impressed with the food at all. The fried lotus root was soaked in a gloopy sauce and the other dishes were quite underwhelming.

Herman Ze German - I had the currywurst and it was tasty. The best I've had outside of the     ones I had in Cologne Christmas markets. It can be a bit pricey to get yourself filled up on this though. 

Leong Legend - Whenever I crave something different and not the unusually abundance of eateries serving cantonese fare, I make my way here for some Taiwanese food. 

Little Lamb - Their skewers are just amazing and definitely spicy! Also, you can never go wrong with hotpot in winter.

My Old Place - There is an English and a Chinese menu. Offers standard fare that is tasty and good with some dishes being better than others. While I wouldn't go out of my way, I will definitely consider when I'm around the area.

Noodle Bar, Chinatown - Located in Chinatown, noodles or 拉面 made fresh on the spot! You can definitely taste the difference. Good, tasty and cheap.

One Aldwych - Aesthetically pleasing plated dishes that speaks out more than the flavours which were comfortably agreeable.

Rasa Sayang - It's cheap and good and tasty. Just not as authentic as it should be.

Red ChilliRed Chilli is a Szechuan restaurant that has a few locations around the UK. I've been to the Leeds branch a few times and it seems to suffer from an inconsistency standard as it hasn't been as good as what some of my friends used to rave about it being so. So I went back a few times just to make sure that my first mediocre visit wasn't a one-off. I still found it to be standard at best.

Summerhouse at World's End - The food was balanced, within boundaries and reasonable. It lacks the wow factor whether in terms of the ambience or taste to compel me to return.