Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Burger and Lobster, Mayfair

London has been cold and dreary lately. With the chilliness in the air, my heart and body started craving for something warm like noodle soup. So it was with anticipation and excitement that I set a date to head to Brixton Village to try Mama Lan with SC. As it turned out, Brixton Village isn't open on a Tuesday night and Khao Sarn was full. I suggested Roti Chai and we ended up back on the tube heading towards central London instead. As we thought about where our hungry tummies were going to eat and where we should come out, we spotted Green Park on the tube line and began to wonder if there was anything around there.

Burger & Lobster

I turned to SC and said that I think there is a new place called Burger & Lobster that could be there but I wasn't sure, I only remembered that it was in the west. We looked at each other and thought, should we risk it? or head straight to Roti Chai. We decided to take a risk and hopped off at Green Park. A quick confirmation on google maps revealed that we indeed came out at the right stop and walked that few minutes to our destination. Even for a Tuesday night, the place was packed but we were lucky to get a seat without waiting. Burger & Lobster don't take reservations and do note that if your entire party hasn't arrive, you won't get your table.

Burger & Lobster only serves two things, burger and lobster (apologies for the pun!). Have you check out their website? It shows two tables with one having lobster and the other a burger, it was simple yet punchy and hit the mark.

SC and I ordered one of each and a bottle of wine.

Our order took a while to arrive but our lovely waiter, Rihanna kept us informed of the status which was great. Since it's Christmas time, we were happy to wait while catching up and sipping our wines.


Our lovely lobster and burger arrived and we proceeded to wear the bibs provided to us.

Burger cooked to medium

On the first few bites, the burger stood out more. It was a good piece of meat patty, wonderfully seasoned and delicious. It is after all a Goodman burger as this is their latest opening.

Grilled lobster with salad and chips and garlic butter

We ordered our lobster grilled and it came out with a good bouncy bite to it. As we continued our meal, the freshness of the lobster starts to hit you. I was hoping for the soft sweetness of fresh lobster which was not boldly evident in the first bite, but that might be because I ordered it to be grilled instead of just steamed, I'm not sure.

Grilled lobster

Looks can also be deceiving as we nearly contemplated ordering three dishes instead of two like the table next to us. Thankfully, we did not as there was a whole lot of meat in that one lobster and it took me a good steady concentration of 30 minutes to extract all that juicy meat out.

The accompanying garlic butter was fragrant and not overly rich which went well with the lobster. The lobster and burgers are definitely the stars of the dishes with the salad and chips playing a side role.

SC and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and the place has a great relaxed and informal atmosphere to it. I also have to make a special mention to our lovely waitress, Rihanna who only made our experience so much better. She checks on us regularly to make sure that we were good and even showed us the tanks where the lobsters were kept. This was a tip that I got from the twitter-verse, thank you!
Lobster tank

The best part of Burger & Lobster is yet to come, both dishes are priced at £20! Decadence without breaking the bank, I love this place already and I can see myself coming back regularly. We need more places like this in London, places that serve delicious food at great value.

Much to my surprise, a chat with Rihanna revealed that Burger & Lobster only opened its doors on Saturday so a random change of events and chance led us to dining here in its very first week. To Rihanna, thanks for taking such good care of us.

Will I recommend: A resounding yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: No

Burger & Lobster, 29 Clarges Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7EF

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  1. Wow I can't believe the lobster is only £20 - where was the lobster from was it Canadian?

  2. @Gourmet Chick

    Yes, the lobsters are from Canada and they ship it in twice a week!
    Hope you are settling well back in Melb! =)

  3. Make me SO EXCITED!! Miss Black.

  4. I liked it a lot too. Need to return! And yay for Rihanna (or Rhiannon?), she was a very lovely Welsh lass indeed.


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