About Me

Where do I start?

My love of food started from the country where I was born. I came from a land where we have a culture obsessed with food. We will travel far and wide and and spend hours trying to find a restaurant if we had heard good things about it.

I was blessed to grow up with having a huge variety of different cuisines around me that is available almost 24/7!

I left years ago and landed on the sunny shores of Sydney! =)

Love love love it.

My food blog started when I was in Sydney. There are always restaurants, cafes, bistros, even friend's homes to explore and with the sheer numbers, hard to tell which one is good and which isn't. That was when I turned to the good ol' internet and started to browse for reviews.

Bloggers and critics helped tremendously in my culinary adventure and I decided to do my bit and contribute!

So this blog started in February 2007!

Funnily enough, my first few posts were in HK where I was currently on holiday at that time.

I have the travel bug in me..and now found myself in London.

Come along with me and hope you enjoy reading about my food and travel experiences.

Always love meeting and hearing from people who have the same passion or obsession should I say!

Enough ramblings and thank you for visiting me and do say hi once in a while.


  1. thanks!! I enjoyed reading your blog and congrats on the delicious photos. It looks as if your search for great Asian cooking in London continues. I am so tempted to try out Pitt Cue Co. We met at sizzling summer nite Feng Sushi. Keep up the search.
    Commenting is not easy, this is 2nd time around

  2. Wide-eyed - Thanks. Yes, it was lovely meeting you. Do try out Pitt Cue Co....I can even meet you there as it's closeby. =)

  3. wow, love your blog. Delicious photo and very helpfull when you integrate the dishe pricing. I wish I saw you blog before our trip to Hong-Kong and Shanghai! But we are planning to visit London on mid-September...so I will definitely try some of your recommendations.

    Merci beaucoup!

  4. Yushi - Thank you. It is always lovely when receiving comments of people who love reading my blog. Makes the effort worth it. Hope you have a good time here in London.