Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bistro Lilly

I was recently at Bistro Lilly with some mates and got to try out the food from there.
We were there for dinner and there wasn't a huge crowd. The decor and atmosphere was really nice and it exudes a nice ambience for a nice meal.

I got the whole works - entree, mains and dessert.

For the entree - crab salad with rocket and avocado. It was only so so and the crab didn't seem to be as fresh as it can be.

For the mains - seafood bouillabaisse. As I've never had bouillabaisse before, I wasn't too sure what to expect. However, I thought that it will be more soup base but there wasn't much in this.

Dessert - 3 different desserts with zesty lemon. I can't remember the title but I have to say that the dessert is really good though. Very tangy and refreshing.
They have a new menu now due to a change in season, you can check it out at their website.
Total Score ~ 16.5/25
[Taste - 6 (10) , Presentation - 3.5 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 3 (5)]


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