Saturday, April 28, 2007

Maxim's Palace 美心皇官

It wouldn't make sense to go to HK without going yumcha. So, when I was there, I made sure that I went more than once.

My sis took me to a restaurant called "Maxim's Palace" at 太子 (near Prince Station). This is supposed to be one of the good ones.

You bet! When we got there, our number was 280 and the current number was 135. OMG!!!!!
It's gonna be one long wait!

The restaurant takes up an entire floor and huge is an understatement. I managed to take a few pics of their decor. Grand chandeliers!

We finally got our table and couldn't wait to start eating. I have to say that I came across quite a number of dishes that I have not seen or eaten before.

There is the usual vegetable dumpling as seen here. See how transparent the skin is? You don't always see that in yumcha restaurants in Sydney. The skin wasn't sticky and you bite cleanly through the skin. Sign of good dumpling!

My sis ordered this dish next. It is something like sticky rice (罗米饭) wrapped in taro roll. Now this is something that I have not tried before. It is really nice. The rice isn't oily at all and the taro roll gives it a different flavour.
Next thing we tried was this.

Now you would think that this is just the normal "po lo bun (波罗包). It's not, it actually has a filling inside. It's 波罗叉烧包 which is "po lo char siew bun". Yum was good.

We couldn't exactly have yumcha without the classic "siew mai". So we got that too. This was good too, not oily at all.

Something else? This is lobster ball on chinese funghi, which is some type of mushroom thing I think.

Maxim's Palace definitely lived up to its name. Definitely a restaurant to come back to.

Total Score ~ 20.5/25
[Taste - 9 (10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 4.5 (5)]
This gets a star in addition to the score for their innovation and creativity in some of the dishes!


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