Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alice Kuih

Always curious about how authentic Malaysian food is in Sydney? One of the places to try is Alice Kuih in Thornleigh. A gathering of close friends was a good reason to travel to the suburbs for a good meal. It’s actually really close to Thornleigh train station but the journey took nearly an hour from the city. We were all starving by the time we got there for lunch and couldn’t wait to fill our ravenous appetites.

Har Mee
Noodle soup in lightly spiced prawn soup with prawns, pork, kangkong (type of vegetable) and egg.

The soup was slightly watered down and not as thick and spicy as what I had back home. However, the flavour and taste was still there and we happily tucked in.

Yong Tau Fu with Chee Cheong Fan

Assorted vegetables stuffed with fishpaste on top of steamed rice rolls in sweet bean sauce & dash of chilli sauce.

We were excited that there was ‘Yong Tau Fu with Chee Cheong Fan’ on the menu. I used to love eating them when my grandma made them. Happy memories. This was equally good, there was plenty of “oohs” & “aahs” when we saw the familiar stuffed ladyfinger, fishcakes, tofu and bitter gourd. Who can ever forget the bitter gourd.

Char Kway Teow

Rice noodles in thick soy sauce with chinese sausage, seafood & chives.

KL Hokkien Char

Along came a long lost friend that seems hard to find here known as the “Hokkien Char”. The version that I am talking about is with the noodles all covered and drizzled with black sauce cooked and served with tiny chunks of fried pork fat. How decadent!

Assam Curry Prawns

Assam curry prawns was next. The prawns were not as fresh as it could be which dampened into the enjoyment of this dish.

Marmite Chicken

Something different. Marmite chicken. For those vegemite lovers, marmite is another cousin which is made of yeast extract as well but the taste is definitely different. Most Malaysian kids would have grown up eating marmite. Malaysians started experimenting with this humble ingredient which borne the ‘marmite chicken” dish. I totally forgotten about this dish till I saw it on the menu again. It’s definitely not something that can be obtained from any restaurant. This is definitely one of my favourite dishes.

Finally for some dessert.
Pulut Hitam
Sweet black glutinous rice dessert with a dash of coconut cream.

Cendol – a national favourite. Homemade pandan strands, red bean and jelly in Malacca sugar and coconut milk.

Alice was at the cashier counter when we were paying and there was a few minutes of chatting on the recognition of “kaki-lang” @ own people. She was nice to offer us a box of free ‘kuih @ asian desserts’ upon hearing that we didn’t quite enjoy the ‘assam prawns’. She is definitely well known for her kuih. Even on full stomachs, we couldn’t help munching on the ‘kuihs’ that we bought to bring home.

Total Score ~ 20/25
[Taste - 8(10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 4(5)]

262-264 Pennant Hills Road
Cnr & Entry via Bellevue St
Thornleigh NSW 2120
Tel: 9484 8288


  1. lol we're family friends of alice haha

  2. oh wow! Talk about a small world.


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