Sunday, August 5, 2007

Good Living Growers Market

The Good Living Growers Market is held on the first Saturday of every month. This is a time where the growers themselves will wake up in the wee hours in the morning and make the trek to Pyrmont to sell their ware; some of them travel from 3 hours away and if you include the set up time, some of these people probably start their day at like 3 am in the morning.

This market is for all those who seek high quality food products at reasonable prices and for those whose curiousity gets the better of them, you are able to chat with the growers and producers of these food products to get the full story of what you are buying. Most of these products tend to be preservative free, organic and have won medals and awars along the way.

There is always something new as the season changes which brings forth new growers who mixes with the permanents. I always have a great time here, checking out new things and tasting stuff. Nothing better than enjoying the lightness and freshness of food.

Managed to get out of bed after the persistant ringing of my alarm clock for half an hour, waking up to go to the market is the hardest part.

The aroma of coffee and sweet smeling food greeted us as we made our way there. Our hearts were beating, our stomachs were growling.

Varieties of pork on sale

Our heads took a turn and our noses were greeted with the delectable smell of oil and grease while my eyes were greeted by this sign. Anyone for some confused eggs and bacon?

Found the man making the confused eggs.

Even though it's winter, we just cannot resist desserts and paused for so long in front of this ice-cream sandwich stall that the guy took the sign and came up to us as we daren't step too close for fear of temptation. Temptation won and we caved in. We ended up buying a take home pack!
What a cute greeting on our take-away pack!

Be sure to check out the "Pastabilities" stall. They sell the best take-home Ravioli I've ever tried. Even after days of freezing and you take it out to cook, the flavours are still so intense and rich, it's delicious! I've tried from "Sicilan Chicken with red wine, capers and olives" to "Duck with ginger and five spice". Yummy~ my new purchase is "Blue swimmer crab in lemon and lime". It's good to chat with the guys selling as some ravioli requires a sauce while some don't. The makers knows best!

Onion marmalades and hot peach relish. There was even a wild hibiscus jam
White Truffle & Pecorino cheese sausage. It taste really good!
Jams, Jams & more jams from Alpine Berry Farm
Banana Bread anyone?
Butter with a twist!
Check out the marbling on this Wagyu steak! They sell wagyu sandwiches for AUD5 as a breakkie.
I love chocolate milk and the ones from here are literally "Over the Moon"!
Wine Jellies. From Semillon to Shiraz and Rose. I could really taste the wine. Yummy~
Award-winning wine jellies. Used them as a spread, they are great!
He has been cracking and making egg after egg after egg for hours!
Doggie Treats for your lil' doggie? Try pig ears and kangaroo tails
By this time, we were feeling hungry and got ourselves a table and started ordering food for some breakkie. I got the blueberry pancakes.
Blueberry & buttermilk pancake mix, Maple sugar & Oatmeal scone mix, Cranberry & orange pancake mix

This kid has a bike as a stroller. Cool!


  1. everything looks yummy! do they sell fresh produce like fruit and veg too?

  2. Yup, fruits & there is one stall that sells veg.


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