Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fatima Lebanese Restaurant

I got a chance to have a taste of what Lebanese food is at a recent event. We sat on long canteen like tables with plenty of cushions and draperies decorated around the room. Sitting amidst cushions was initially a little difficult for some who were caught unaware and came in skirts and dresses. However, the party soon started and the banquet food came trickling in.

We were first served with baskets of bread & dips.

Tabouleh was served next and the taste was refreshing.

Can't remember what this was but it's some sort of meatball. Quite nice.

You can't have a banquet without some meat. Yum~

This is rice that is wrapped in leaves. It was really sour, not really my thang~

Another version of rice but wrapped in cabbage leaves. This was really sour too.

By this stage, I was getting really full. This is mince meat wrapped in filo pastry.

Beans cooked in tomato sauce.

We finish off with some baklava.
294-296 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel: 9698 4895


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