Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lindt chocolate sale

This was initially a happy post but apparently, the sale has been cancelled. Huge thanks to those who send me comments that this is no longer happening.


I received an email with a flyer advertising that Lindt is having a chocolate sale with certain chocolates up to 50% off. Unfortunately, as it was in PDF form, I am unable to attach the flyer here.

For those who are in the city today, feel free to head to

Level 7, 299 Elizabeth Street

between 11.00 - 1.00pm for some chocolates. They sure look divine on the flyer and is cash only.

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  1. This sale is not on, see email below.

    The Sale Has Been Cancelled


    Hello All.

    I work for Lindt, out of the office that is detailed in this thread. This sale has been cancelled. Please do not come to the office here as there will be no chocolate for sale.

    Anyone who does attend, will be turned away.

    The **was** going to be a sale that was intended only for the staf who work in this building, however the flyer has been distributed far further than we had intended, so have called the sale off altogether, as we are only a small office here, and are in no way able to cope with the enormous volume of people who would turn up to such a sale.

    In answer to Fashionista78's question regarding a mailing list, there isnt one, as we dont normally hold sales like has been detailed. We did have a warehouse sale earlier in the year, which we advertise through local print and radio mediums, and also through word of mouth.

    I can only offer my apologies to all of those who were intending on coming to this sale, and request that you all do not come!

    Please spread the word that it has been cancelled!


    Keith Parker
    Lindt & Sprungli employee!


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