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Kaiseki Oct 07

This is such an overdue post that I'm almost too embarrassed to post it. However, in the light of good food, it deserves its spot. This is the second Kaiseiki class that I attended in 2007, the first one being the month before in August.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first class I went to and decided to sign up for this one being a Bento theme.

Kei remembered my friend and I and this time, we had 2 other friends joining us in the class of 10.

The theme for this class is Shokado Bento and still in the spring menu.

We were all split into teams to work on the different areas of the menu. The first being "Kuchitori (The Appetiser)".

My guy friend was all excited about making the omelet so he got to do it with this rectangular pan.

Working on the Japanese Egg Omelet

Kei going through the steps on the Wagyu marinated in miso

Meanwhile, work was going on by the other apprentices (which includes me)!

Wagyu marinated in miso completed and ready for plating.

Remaining Appetiser done and ready for plating too (We have the simmered sweet prawn on the left, followed by the cauliflower pickle and the broccolini in mustard dressing)

Next was "Takiawase" which is the simmered dish. I was too busy prepping ingredients and was not able to take any pics.

This was followed by "Sashimi". Kei taught us and we all had to learn to slice our own sashimi which was kombu cured ocean trout and decorate it according to how she taught us.

This is mine. Not bad for a novice. On the side is wakame seaweed, shiso leaf and wasabi garnish.

Lastly in the Bento box is "Gohan (The final rice)". This was steamed rice with peas. We all had to shaped it like a star in our Bento box.

Outside of the Bento box was 2 more dishes with the first being "Wanmono (The Seasonal Broth)".

This was egg tofu with asparagus, carrot ribbons and Gold Leaf. Yes, that was right, GOLD leaf.

The second dish is called "Agemono (The Fried Dish)". This was white bait and asparagus tempura with green tea salt. Yum! Anything with green tea is good with me.

As quickly as we came, the minutes just flew by and it was time for us to start plating and setting up the table for the feast to begin.

The Japanese Egg Omelet all sliced and ready to be eaten. Oops, plated (You can sense my eagerness to start eating)

We started by plating the Appetiser on the top right followed by the Takiawase. We had prawn balls, bamboo shoots and sugar snaps for the Takiawase.

Ended with the Sashimi on the top left and Gohan on the bottom left. A deliciously filled Bento box.

Next to our Bento box was the Wanmono and Agemono.


Eating Time!

Kei's Kitchen runs English led cooking classes every second weekend of the month and the menu changes according to the season.

Classes scheduled for the rest of the year are:

July 12th, 13th (Winter Menu)
August 9th, 10th (Makimono Menu)

September 13th, 14th (Spring Menu)October 11th, 12th (Noodles Menu)
November 8th, 9th (Summer Menu)

To enrol, please go here.


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