Monday, January 25, 2010

London Weekend Eating Tour

After visiting a good friend of mine, Mili in Leeds in 2008, I've been haarping her about visiting me in London. However, it took a year for that to happen as I am always away for work!

My new year resolution this year is to get her + hubby down a lot more.

The weekend became a full on glorious food fest and we went to so many places.

First stop was Cafe East in Canada Water for some vietnamese cuisine. The food is the best that I have had in London, so next time you're craving for some viet food, this is the place to go.

Next morning, off we went to Portobello markets where we aim straight  for Hummingbird Bakery for their cupcakes. As it was still breakfast time for me, I opt for a savoury muffin which is spinach and cheese. I really like it. The cupcake was moist and dense enough and yet fluffy so that it doesn't get too oily or rich. The special which is the chocolate and beetroot cupcake was a pleasant surprise and has definitely pigued my interest.

Next was Arancina, a quaint Italian cafe with loads of traffic. The food reminds me of small town family run cafes that serves no nonsense simple rustic food. Yum!

Being so stuffed and with the rain pouring down, we headed off to Harrods where we chanced upon Laduree by accident. Coerced by each other, we decided to try the macaroons. I have to admit that I have never tried macaroons before and was reminded by Mili that they are world famous!

I absolutely loved the rose and salted caramel macaroons which you can see me biting into one on Mili's blog.

After some shopping in Harrods, we headed for dinner in Chinatown and stopped for some Malaysian food.
The fried pan mee wasn't too impressive but I liked the mee goreng. We were so stuffed after that we could hardly get home. Although after getting home, we were having fun in the kitchen with all the goodies that we got.

The photos are kindly borrowed from Mili's post, please go to her post for additional photos and her take of the weekend trip as well as details of the places we went/ate!


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