Sunday, January 31, 2010

Patiserrie Potager

First heard about this patisserie from a travel show. What is unique about this patisserie is that they incorporate vegetables and fruits into their desserts. This makes the dessert a lot healthier in the weight conscious society of Japan!

It took us quite some time to find this place even though ample research was done before departing for Tokyo. Anyhow, we found it in the end.

We were like little kids in a candy store being awed by the delicious display of cakes before us. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know most of Japanese characters and have no idea what each cake is or made of. They all look yummy!

In the end, we ordered something along the lines of a tomato cake and green tea cake. For those who don’t like vegetables, have no fear. You don’t really taste the vegetables at all even though they are in there.

The tomato cake was surprisingly light and yet the flavours explode in your mouth. It isn’t overly rich and it didn’t take us long to devour it.

The cakes here definitely still satisfy the dessert fans in us and yet is a healthier choice. Wish there were more of these patisseries around!

Please click here for their website.


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