Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sendai & Kandazawa food

Bought some zunda mochi which is a specialty of Sendai. It is sweet green soybean paste eaten with soft glutinous rice balls that is soft and chewy. Best eaten cold was the advice that I got.

This doesn’t taste soybean-ish but in fact “fresh” and “green” is what comes to mind. As I ate it cold, the coldness combined with the hardened chewiness of the mochi and freshness of the soybean paste is just exquisite! Didn’t take long to finish the whole box!

For lunch, we stopped at this place which is just outside of the Kenrokuen gardens. One of the party pointed out that they have amaebi (sweet prawns) and jibuni on their menu which is meant to be really good from this region. No guesses on what was ordered!

The amaebi is so fresh and sweet, was perfect for the hot weather on that day. The jibuni is made from boiled and seasoned duck and various vegetables. It was hearty yet light, very rustic due to the gamey taste coming from the duck. Sublime!

One more please!


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