Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After the drama with finding our accommodation, we freshened up and was soon called for dinner.

The rest of the party were all Japanese and with no surprise, the ladies were all seating the traditional way. The females in my party did it for like 30 minutes before the numbness got to us and we had to sit cross legged like the men instead. Oh dear!

We were served a traditional dinner made in a traditional kitchen. I seriously mean that. We were seated in the big dining room with a huge pot at a corner where water was being boiled. There were sticks that have a fish in each of them that was grilled next to this pot.

The food kept coming and coming and each one as delicious and aromatic as the one before. When we really couldn’t eat anymore, there was still more coming. All in all,

We had about 9 to 10 courses. We were so stuffed!

Breakfast the next morning was a similar affair, there were at least 7 courses. And I was still feeling really full from the night before!

It costs us 10,000 yen each for the accommodation and food, worth every yen!


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