Monday, March 1, 2010

Penang cuisine trip

If you go to Penang without savouring on their delicious food, you haven’t been to Penang!

A group of us planned a food trip and I was lucky that one of my good friends happened to be around who is a fantastic cook as well as a foodie! With her as our local foodie guide, we were taken straight to the good ones amidst all the mass of food stalls that is just everywhere!

Our taste buds was definitely looking forward to the ride, not sure if our tummies were…here we go!!

Nasi Lemak

Choice of sotong or chicken. This is more of the sweet version and is good. Fragrant rice coupled with the sweet and spicy sambal. There was definitely sighs of approvals and minutes of silence as we all take it in.
Location – On the way to Batu Gantung. Its near the entrance of the race course. Opposite the entrance, you will see a small temple, turn into the small road.



Assam Laksa

It has been so long since I last had good old cendol. Love the rojak sauce. Unfortunately, the days that we were there, the laksa stall to go to was not open, had to settle for this one.

Location - Jalan Kheng Khee Street, Penang Road

Traditional nonya food seems to be a must try being in Penang and we decided on this one. The food is good but does not leave a lasting impression.

Location - Nyonya Breeze Restaurant

Our final last stop of the day (with stomachs nearly bursting) is for porridge. Having heard that the chef does not care about how long you wait and that waiting time can easily be 90 minutes, we thought that there was plenty of time to just sit around, chat, and letting our tummies digest the dinner before the porridge.

Not sure if it was unfortunately or fortunately for us, the porridge arrived in 40 minutes. This is good. Clear and not heavily laden with the starchiness of the rice, you can taste the broth and the flavours of the meat or the other parts of the pork if that is your fancy!

Location - TBC

Next morning, it was up for some ‘Bak kut teh’. Have not had this in ages and was looking forward to this. We started off with some frog legs swirled in chicken essence. The meat was really tender and you could taste the freshness of the meat. The taste is similar to chicken.

Our pot finally came steaming away and releasing a delicious aroma, Fried tofu topped with aubergines was the accompaniment.
Location - Song River Restaurant

Fried Radish Cake

Check out the fire power being used by the chef in cooking this fried radish cake. This was so good that we ordered take away! The husband and wife team also makes pineapple tarts which they sell. We got to taste them and these are quite good if you like you ratio of pastry to be more than the pineapple.

Location - In front of Union School [192 Jalan Burma] (travel along Jalan Jelutong, you will come into intersection to turn right into Perak Lane. The stall is on the left).

Pan Mee

This appears to be a little different to the pan mee that I am used to. Apparently this is known as Sabah pan mee.

The noodles itself is a lot thinner hence the lightness. Other than that, it taste quite similar.

Location - Sungai Nibong

This is one store that we came quite a few times but always just missed out (either we were too late or they were not open). Finally managed to come here on my last night in Penang.

Glutinuous rice balls in soup ‘汤圆’

I am used to the soup being ginger and pandan based but they have an option of a brown sugar based. It actually goes really well with the glutinuous rice balls. Not too sweet.

The stall sells a variety of plan, and those with fillings (sesame and peanut). The ones with the fillings was not the best I’ve had. The flour bit was a tad too hard and not chewy enough. The small plain ones however are amazing!

Location - Magazine Road (opposite Trader's hotel )


  1. I've never been to Penang =[
    But now I really want to go - the food looks so good! Especially the nasi lemak! You're so lucky to have a foodie friend to take you everywhere!

  2. Thanks..hopefully you get to go on a foodie trip to penang. I have placed the locations of these stalls in the post too. =)

  3. It wud help a lot if u cud be more specific on the addresses of each location as a lot of us are not familiar with Pg! Like where in Pg Road, Bukit Gantung? where is the location of the porridge stall?

  4. From town, you travel along Jalan Jelutong, you will come into intersection to turn right into Perak Lane. The uncle's road side stall is on the left. He opens at 6 p.m sharp. Try to go there early so that you dont have to wait too long.

    The Tong Yuen stall is opposite Trader's Hotel which is situated on Magazine Road. Its a push cart stall. It closes on Wednesday.

    Nasi Lemak that we ate was on the way to Batu Gantung. Its near the entrance of the race course. Opposite the entrance, you will see a small temple, turn into the small road. You will see the aunty cooking nasi lemak. She sells the nasi lemak in a very shabby place but she only uses the place to sell her nasi lemak. Rest assure that she is clean.

    i find out the other location and i will post it later

  5. Hi Chris,

    I'll ask my foodie friend for more specific directions and update the post!

  6. Cendul stall is in Jalan Kheng Khee Street. If you are in Penang road, its one of the small lanes which is the closest to the pedestrian crossing to Komtar.

  7. The radish cake is situated in front of union school. The address for the union school is 192 Jalan Burma in Penang.

    I think that should be it for all the interesting places that we have visited.

    Let me know if you are unsure of some of the places. I will find out.


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