Friday, July 9, 2010

Regents Park honey

Look what I bought today? It took my entire lunch hour to head to a store that sells it but is it worth it?

After a whirlwind 3 month’s work trip away and starting a new job when returning to London. It’s good to finally be able to spend a bit more time here. And also to start chipping away at that big mountain of ‘to be blog’ food posts!

I was extremely intrigued when an email came through mentioning about Regents Park honey. Being in London, I did not think that finding local honey will be an easy feat. Apparently for hay fever sufferers, taking some honey from your local area will help. I don’t actually suffer from hay fever but still want to try the honey for the taste.

Depending on the season and year, you can taste different flowers and fruits due to the diversity of plants in Regents Park!

Quite excited, will write up the post when I actually tasted it.


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