Thursday, November 25, 2010

GDesserts: You love cupcakes, I love cupcakes

(Image/Info from GDesserts website)

In recent years, there seems to be an increased obsession with the humble cupcake. There are even cupcake series on American TV!

Tiny enough to be indulged on by weight conscious people without feeling guilty. They come in all flavours be it savoury or sweet, just need to use your imagination. And frankly the basic cupcake is not hard to make.

Nowadays, whenever you go to any fair or markets, there are sure to be some cupcake stalls. Now how do you stand out from the midst of it all?

This one caught my interest when I received news of it in my email. Cupcake in a JAR!

Unfortunately, the cupcake lady is not based in London hence off I trek to an event (BNTM Live!) to check it out as she was having a stall there.

They are just the cutest with tiny and colourful dainty little ribbons tied around the jars. My cupcake friend and I immediately bought 3 different flavours to try. Goodies in hand, we were counting down the hours!

Finally, dinner was over and dessert time!

Top: Simply Vanilla, Bottom left: Red Velvet, Bottom right: Chocolate Nutter

This were seriously luscious. Moist and yet airily light with no loss of flavour. All 3 jars were gone in minutes. Seriously regretted not getting more cupcakes.

Want to know one of the secrets to this delicious cupcake?
As stated in their website:

“Unlike regular cupcakes, the jars seal in moisture, therefore preventing the cupcakes from drying out.”

These cupcakes comes in 2 sizes (Taster size - £2.40, Regular - £3.40). Not cheap considering that my favourite cupcake (I heart David Bennett) is less than £2 and also to Hummingbird cupcakes. If you like jars, you are paying for the jars I guess. As nice as these are, the price makes me think twice.



  1. Mochachocolata - Yes, they were really cuite and were really yummy!! I wished I bought more!


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