Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOW StreetFood, Liverpool street station

NOW StreetFoods has been opened for quite a few months now and is located next to Liverpool street station. An expansion from Ping Pong, the concept is to bring street snacks and bites to the busy and time poor lunch time crowd.

I was quite excited as I always love a good Chinese porridge which they offer. Alas! It is only available until around 11am and I left empty handed on my first visit.

No matter, I decided to delve into other delicacies on offer. This is meant to be more of a take away and walking the street type of snacks place as there are only a few stools available for eating in.

The 3 large screens shows what is available for the day and changes quite regularly as noticed during my various visits.

Classic Mixed Basket £3.99

The classic comes with chive dumpling, seafood dumpling, coriander dumpling, chicken Shu Mai, spicy vegetable dumpling and chicken cashew nut dumpling (1 each).

Seafood Mixed Basket £3.99

The seafood comes with Har Gau dumpling, seafood dumpling and coriander dumplings (2 each).

Egg Tart £0.99

Beef coconut rice pot £3.89

Chocolate Pau £0.99

They are all quite reasonably priced and if you are craving for some dim sum at odd hours, both the classic mixed basket and seafood mixed baskets are there to satisfy. I found that they were doughy but still adequately tasty and hits the right spots during those craving moments. Don’t expect awesome dim sum, at the price it is, you get what you paid for!

The egg tart was normal. You get more rice than beef and mushrooms in the beef coconut rice pot, and portion wise is not for the large eaters. I love the chocolate pau, basically the normal buns but instead of pork, you get chocolate. Quite savoury as dark chocolate is used and at £0.99, don’t hesitate!

Rice porridge with banana and sesame £1.99

I finally got to eat my rice porridge and the banana and sesame was the only one available. As much as the menu says that 3 delicious toppings is available everyday, I find that it is not the case as this was the only one available. On another occasion, there was none available, only a pork rice dish was offered which is not rice porridge at all!!

If you like your oats and don’t want to have the whole western bacon and eggs breakfasts, the rice porridge is a good alternative and I really enjoyed my banana porridge although it can definitely do with a lot less sesame.

It may not be as good as street snacks from their origin countries, but at least this is a viable option available to the boring sandwiches scene.

NOW StreetFoods

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