Monday, December 13, 2010

Whirlwind weekend of Xmas Markets in Cologne (Part 3)


*Riiiiiiiinnnnngggg* the alarm goes off and with only a few hours left before we had to head back to London, packed, checked out of hotel and off we went to Lindt Chocolate Museum. I have to say that the weather was pretty bad today as it was just raining the whole time.

Looking back at the photos, I didn’t realise how sunny it was the day before. The entrance fee is €7.50 for an adult.



After all that education on Lindt Chocolates, it was time to stuff ourselves with some chocolate! Haha…..

A number of us ordered the Knuspergold €4, which is hot chocolate with hazelnut, crunchy nut and fresh cream. This is really good.

We couldn’t just order drinks without trying some of their cakes which were silently whispering “Eat Me!”.

Chocolate Duo Gateau €3.6 (Light and dark mousse au chocolat, layered and veined)

Cheesecake €3.20 (Made from fresh quark to grandma’s traditional recipe)

4-layer Chocolate Gateau €3.80 (Extra high chocolate cake with 4 layers of chocolate cream)

Wasn’t impressed with the cheesecake as the base was a tad soggy. The 4-layer Chocolate Gateau was nothing special. The Chocolate Duo Gateau is a definite must! The contrast of light and dark mousse and flavours are surprisingly delectable.



Off to the souvenir shop we went after.

There is a tram service for €5 for a roundtrip that brings you to the 4 main Xmas markets in Cologne. As it was raining, we decided to take the tram and headed to Cologne's oldest Christmas market @ Neumarkt. Very pretty with angels adorning some of the stalls, we didn’t stay long as it was raining.


Sauteed mushrooms with onions and deep fried camembert.

I have to say that the group just loves the first market that we went and after walking around Neumarkt for a while, we went back to the Alter Mkt for more food, what else!

More meat on sticks, baked apples, apple strudels later. We were all satisfied. I managed to sneak in another oak cooked salmon on a bun which was just delicious and we ended our time with Gluhwein.

Off to the airport it was after where we were stuck with delays for like 5 hours!
But I leave you with more photos of fond memories!



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