Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whirlwind weekend of Xmas Markets in Cologne (Part 2)

After some much needed R&R, it was shopping time. We headed to the high street and there are some bargains going on. I found myself buying 2 jackets and 3 pairs of shoes!! Saw a Lego store, an actual store.


We headed to the traditional market which is located next to the Cathedral. This is one of the popular ones as you have the backdrop of the imposing Cathedral and the strings of lights that lit up at night makes the whole place feel magical.



Cake in a jar with everything in it that you can just bake (remove the candle first though)?


This had more arts and crafts goodies.  It felt more commercialized and there were less food stalls available. The food prices were also more $$$ and coupled with having to deal with a really packed crowd and freezing weather, we decided to head to a restaurant to stay warm and eat instead.

However, missing out on my oak smoked salmon earlier before, I spied another in this market and bought one to tide myself while searching for a place for dinner

This was not as good as I expected and looking at it, I think I would have been better off with the smoked salmon from the earlier market.

Trying to find a place with no reservations on a Saturday night without going to the likes of Planet Hollywood wasn’t easy. In the end, we found a pub that was able to fit the large party of eight.

Hausgemachte Gulaschsuppe – Goulash soup, home-made style

This was seriously thick and warm and hearty! There was seriously a lot of meat in this.
Huhnersuppe mit Einlage – Clear chicken soup refined with noodles, vegetables

Rheinischer Sauerbraten – Marinated beef in almond-raisin dressing served with dumplings and apple puree €13.50



These were large portions and we were starving by the time our food came. The food was tasty and enjoyable.

With the Xmas markets right outside, it seems crazy not to head back there for dessert. Even though the party was full, the dessert lovers always manages to find some room.

We had mulled wine with a slice of apple in it. It was actually quite good and brings a different taste to the mulled wine.


I wanted some donuts and got a serve which came with 3. To my surprise, it was actually filled with apples on the inside. The apples lighten the starchiness of the donuts and it was a perfect way to end our meal.

After walking for a whole day, we all decided to retire to be fresh for the next day where we are heading to…….chocolate museum!


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