Friday, January 21, 2011

Xmas and New Year Celebrations 2010

Picture 133

My! How time passes so quickly. It felt like a moment ago when it was only January 2010 but now we are in 2011. The final weeks in December always whizzes by as it is holiday time for most of us. I have been blessed to have friends who hosts dinners and parties and definitely had my fair share or more of wonderful goodies and alcohol.

Let’s wind back to the weeks in December where I reminisce on what all the food I had then.

Thanksgiving dinner

wendy thanksgiving dinner
wendy thanksgiving dinner 2

WL hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, needless to say this is the first time I got to enjoy her cooking. I think days of drinking and eating was playing with my brain as I turned up for the dinner an hour early. At least I was early. We had a lovely roast with accompaniments.

Housewarming/Xmas lunch party

Picture 113Picture 114
Picture 115
Couple who moved into their own place and finally a time was set where a bunch of us are free.
Homemade pizza and chicken wings, yum!

Post Xmas/Pre New Year Dinner

One of my friends finally completed her multitude of higher education/professional papers after what seems to have been such a long time. She finally doesn’t have to worry about studying and can now resume her cooking again. Win-win situation for all of us I say!

Picture 132
Picture 134
Picture 136
Picture 142

3 course dinner including Roast Lamb & Eton Mess. Amazing crackling on the roast.

Holiday meals with my BFF

There were times during the holidays where we both needed a rest from all the partying and drinking and stayed at home. I got to eat my BFF’s delicious cooking a few times. Some yummy pork chop with broken rice, beef stew in red wine.

Picture 019Picture 021Picture 025

Picture 022Picture 020
And I made my dessert of ‘tang yuen’ and soup. Those flowers on the soup are so pretty!

There were others too but I have no photos, sadly! Thank you to all my lovely friends who infused the holidays with hilarious chatter and entertainment, and of course for feeding me. Love you guys!


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