Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Friendly Toast, Cambridge/Boston: Cute name with fantastic food!

One thing I love about reading food blogs is the hidden discoveries and wonderful places to eat, especially when you have never been to that place before.

The name 'The Friendly Toast' came up in both food blogs and food websites with positivity. Heck, even the name conjured an image of a piece of toast wearing white boots on its stick legs, stick arms swinging in mid walk waving and a huge wide smile. Ok, I'm thinking of the peanut butter character but replaced it with a toast instead.

The Friendly Toast isn't located in a touristy area or even in Central Boston. The closest one is in Cambridge and is a distance from Harvard Square which most tourist ventures to.

However, it’s not difficult to get to if you're already travelling on the red line via train to Harvard. From downtown Boston or Harvard, hop onto the red line and disembark at Kendall station which should take no more than 10 minutes or so depending on which direction. Fare is $2 one way.

Friendly Toast

Walk 10 minutes from the station to Kendall Square which you will pass Marriott and Starbucks on the way and you'll find a brightly coloured 'Friendly Toast' sign.

Friendly Toast

The playful cheekiness and feel of vibrant youth is felt even in the design of the name. Inside, bright green colours the wall s with various interesting figurines and stuff adorned the place. A retro bar on one side, the place is friendly and relaxing.

The Friendly Toast serves all day breakfast, pancakes and other brunch friendly items.

I am an all day breakfast kinda girl and the home fries and home made toast in the Basic Breakfast sold it to me. You can choose how you want your eggs and I chose mine to be scrambled. Choice of toast was cinnamon raisin for me.

Friendly Toast
Basic Breakfast - choice of eggs, home fries made with fresh red potatoes, caramelised onions and choice of toast $6.50

Friendly Toast
I didn't have to wait long before my breakfast was served. I could immediately smell the cinnamon raisin toast, very enticing indeed. Not to mention that the toast is seriously thick and huge as I've tried to show in the pic.

Biting into the toast, I was on cloud nine. The toast is friendly alright, invitingly so! Not overly buttery, just creamy and smooth enough that you can still get the crunch from the bread. This is where its thickness only works to its advantage. And I haven't even gotten to the cinnamon and raisin yet. Just one word, awesome!

The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy with the right balance of creaminess. The home fries, I'm not a huge fan of potatoes and they usually remain quite untouched on my plate but not these. I couldn't stop eating them.

As you can see, the portions were not small but by the end, nothing was left on the plate. A highly satisfying meal and wallet friendly too. It was less than $10 including service.

I'm trying those pancakes the next time I am here.

The Friendly Toast, One Kendall Square, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

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