Sunday, March 20, 2011

Atari-ya: Understated Gem

Had an appointment to catch up with a friend over dinner and she set a few criteria’s. Healthy, quick and has to be centrally convenient for the both of us. I suggested Atari-ya at St. James Street and that was our destination.

The city branch functions more as a take away and there are only a few seats for dining in. I wanted to go for the Deluxe Chirashi but was veto-ed and in the end we went for a selection of rolls.

It took easily half an hour for them to prepare it and I was really hungry and scratching my head as to why. Later I found out that this is the norm, I guess I just didn't know.

Rolls includes: Negitoro Hosomaki, Spicy fried Yellow Tail, Black Cod, Sake Kawa, Spider Roll

So we finally received our platter and it was just so beautifully presented. One bite in and all was forgiven. Slightly warm sushi rolls and the rice seasoning was flavoursome with the right amount of acidity to it. Ingredients or toppings were fresh and succulent.  This is how sushi should be and I wished that more places make it like this.


I especially enjoyed the spider roll, Negitoro hosomaki and the spicy fried yellow tail.

The bill came up to £11 per person and I think it is good sushi at great value. I'll be coming back often and I'm still eyeing that deluxe chirashi.

Atari-ya, 20 James St, London, W1U 1EH
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  1. That sushi looks fantastic *very jealous*

  2. The more I hear about this place the more I want to go here - looks fantastic!

  3. my god, this looks good! even more so as I don't think they do sushi in Wales... *envy*

  4. 11 pounds per person is a steal. Thanks for the suggestion. Hoping the long wait is a fluke!

  5. cinabar & Gourmet Chick - it is good. hope you head there soon!

    Ute - Are you coming back? we can head there too!

    Thatslondon - not sure but hopefully there wont be that long a wait the next time!


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