Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Candy Cafe, Chinatown: Give me some good Kaya Toast

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While searching around for bubble tea spots, I chanced upon Candy Cafe which not only serve bubble tea but Kaya toast too!

I was understandably excited as there is nothing quite like having Kaya toast. It can be eaten anytime of the day, having it for breakfast with coffee or as afternoon tea or even for supper. Kaya is essentially a spread or jam that is made of eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan. It is decadently rich and aromatic with a slightly grainy texture.

After watching a musical at the West End, I went with a couple of friends for some post theatre snack. For a cafe that is discreetly nestled between Rasa Sayang and Leongs Legend with only a tiny entrance signifying its existence, there was quite a queue and we had to wait for about 20 minutes.

The vibe was pretty much of a vibrant youth setting much like a student haunt with music videos being played on a TV in the background. It seems like a perfect place as it offers snacks and drinks for those who are less peckish and slightly heavier meals for those who have not had anything to eat.
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Bubble tea was ordered by a number of us of course along with a Lychee Mint Tea and Strawberry Yogurt Tea.

The bubble or pearls itself was good with a bouncy and glutinous chewy texture. The tea itself was a little lacking though, it was slightly too diluted and milky that you lose that solid richness in depth and aroma that tea brings into the equation. In comparison, Boba Jam is still the winner for me. The other two drinks were light, sweet sugary drinks that will appeal to those who like them like that.

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A mixture of Kaya Toast was ordered by the table such that we have Kaya Toast on brown and white bread as well as a peanut butter and Kaya combo.

My excitement quickly dissipated when it arrives and even furthermore after I took a bite. The toast itself was good, crunchy and toasty but the same can't be said of the Kaya filling, or should I say the lack of it. It was such a stingy serving of Kaya that you have to focus to taste it from the overwhelming abundance of bread. All I could eat and taste was bread. It was so disappointing, this isn't hard to make at all and they couldn't even get the proportion of Kaya and butter and toast right.

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A friend of mine ordered the spicy Nissin noodles which thankfully did not greet us with the same fate. It was decent and of the standard that you would expect from a snack cafe.

Given the lack of options available when one craves some SE Asian desserts, Candy cafe will suffice and I'll be coming back to try other stuff, just not the Kaya Toast!

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: Yes

Candy Café, First Floor, 3 Macclesfield Street, Chinatown, London, W1D 6AX

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  1. I got all excited when you started out talking bubble tea and Kaya toast (something I have never heard of, or come across, before). But it sounds like the cafe was a let-down, what a shame! Never the less, I am now inspired to go out and find out more about Kaya (and get some bubble tea in Boba Jam - I really love the stuff).


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