Monday, April 4, 2011

Hawksmoor Seven Dials: My new burger benchmark

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When Hawksmoore Seven Dials opened last year, it was really a struggle just to make reservations at a decent time. I finally managed to and have been back a few times ever since. I always love a good burger and was looking forward to this one upon hearing so much about it.

The first time, my friend I both ordered the Hawksmoor burger with chips at £15. This is on the bar menu and not in the normal menu. It isn't a problem to request for the bar menu as I have done so many a time.

The beauty of eating with a friend is the opportunity to try more stuff and it was a perfect arrangement of her ordering the triple cooked chips and me the chips with beef drippings. I also ordered my burger with Colston Bassett Stilton cheese and my friend the Ogleshield cheese.

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Our orders finally arrived. Apologies for the dark photos, it really was quite dark in there. The meat was utterly delicious! Juicy and bursting with flavour, you can definitely taste the difference when you get meat from a good farm and butcher. As much as I love my cheeses and don't have a problem with blue cheeses, the Colston Bassett Stilton cheese got a bit too much for me. Maybe I'm not such a huge cheese lover after all. But if you are, you would love this.

The burger with the Ogleshield cheese was easier on the palate. Creamy and melting into the meat, it was messily good.

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How were the chips? Crisp, crunchy and yummy. They were both good but my favourite has to be the triple fried chips.


The kimchi burger on the menu has also piqued my interest and on my next return, it was kimchi burger time.
I really don't know if this will actually work. I mean, kimchi is a Korean staple and is cabbage that is pickled and spicy with texture that is soggy and crunchy at the same time.

When the kimchi burger arrived, you definitely know that it is kimchi. The smell is strong and hits you straightaway.

To my surprise, it actually works in a strange kind of way. It may not be my favourite burger combination but I actually like this.

I do applaud Hawksmoor for offering something so different and out there.

There are a lot more protein options on the menu for those who don't like burgers. I should try them too the next time, if I can tear myself away from the Hawksmoor burger that is!

I think the burgers and chops combo is great value and we should have more places like this which serve high quality food.

Will I recommend: Yes without any hesitation.
Will I come back: Yes, this is now my burger benchmark.
Have I had better: At this price and taste, there are few and far between. I can only think of another which is the Wagyu beef burger at Plan B in Sydney for AUD10.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials, 11 Langley St., London WC2H 9JG

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  1. Glad that you like the burger at Hawksmoor too. I actually wanted to bring a pal to Seven Dials Hawksmoor when he dropped by for a weekend but in the spirit of trying out something new, we headed to Nopi instead. Well, that'll give him a reason to return again then.

    Have you tried its steak yet? That's what it's known for isn't it? But its triple cooked chips' my favorite as well.

  2. London Chow - I have to try some of the ones in York as apparently, they are as good as well. I have not tried the steak yet but will surely do so when I am next there. How was Nopi..that is on my list too!

  3. I have serious burger envy now. They look incredible - Hawksmoor is definitely in the top 5 must-visit restaurants when I move back to London!


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