Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goldfish City, Bank : Still a long way to go

Goldfish City is the second branch of its predecessor which is located in Hampstead. I first heard about it when the Michelin man named it in its Bib Gourmand list.


Browsing the menu, I came upon interesting dishes such as marmite prawns and mocha ribs. I absolutely love marmite chicken and you bet I was going to check it out when someone has marmite-something on their menu.

It did not take much convincing to gather a bunch of friends to head there for dinner. I noticed upon entering that they are part of the Taste Card scheme. So for you Taste Card members out there, a worthy note.

The place itself is rather small with barely ten tables available. Instead of a round table as is usually expected for a large group in a Chinese restaurant, they could only accommodate us with a group of 2-seater tables that were placed together to make a long rectangular version.

After some discussions, we placed our order and were ready for the feast to begin.


Crispy Marmite Prawns £11.50

Was disappointed with this, it did not taste like the marmite dishes that I've had before. Where is the slight sweet and salty and savouriness combined into a sticky sauce that clings to the meat? This was overly rich and sweet.

Golden Mushrooms £7.4
Deep-fry crispy mushroom with hot and light vinegar sauce

These mushrooms were juicy and the vinegar helped to lighten the greasiness from anything deep fried.


Award-wining mocha ribs £17.5
Deep-fry ribs in chocolate & coffee sauce sprinkled with almond flakes

This was a unanimous disappointment.

We were looking forward to the Mocha Ribs. Sadly it did not meet our expectations. The ribs were tender and juicy but the mocha marinade/ sauce was nothing spectacular. The bitterness of the coffee was quite pronounced and non-observant eaters would have missed the chocolate that was dribbled around the plate which you are meant to smear with to balance out the coffee.

Sounds great in concept but sadly failed in execution.

Chef's signature steamed sea bass with minced ginger, spring onions in light soya sauce £21.5

What you get is two fillets. Two fillets?!

Stir fry spicy aubergine with mushroom in Sichuan creation £8.5

The aubergine was good but if you were expecting some spiciness, this is a non spicy dish.

Chef’s homemade spinach beancurd  £12
Braised Bean curd with shitake mushroom, garlic, aubergine and seasonal vegetables

This was really good.  I liked the presentation and the spinach paired really well with the bean curd.

Crab meat fried rice £7.5

Goldfish fried rice £8.5

Both fried rice were neither oily nor greasy and were tasty. It was of the standard that you would expect.

The portions here are all tiny. Seriously, for the prices charged, Goldfish City you should be ashamed! Four marmite prawns for £12 or even £22 for 2 fillets of Sea bass? I'd rather go here instead.

Will I recommend: Yes if you happen to be around the area and have a Taste Card. No if you are intentionally heading there.
Will I come back: No
Have I had better: Yes

Goldfish City, 46 Gresham Street, Bank EC2V 7AY

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  1. Uh-oh, sounds like they were a little timid with their saucing. I wonder if they were afraid of making things too marmitey - in which case, they shouldn't have done it. One to avoid by the sound of it, although the tofu does look good.

  2. That sea bass is a bit of a rip-off! You can get a whole fish for a similar price and I can't help but feel that if fillets are used then it's more than likely that they're from the freezer. Given its location, my sense is that this is a place for those on expenses.

  3. Grubworm - yup, so far I have to head to Birmingham for my marmite chicken cravings. Have yet to find one in London.

    Mr Noodles - it definitely was a rip-off and seriously tiny portions for the prices charged.

  4. I rather enjoyed my food there I have to say. I went on Taste London though, so 50% off, this might have influenced my feeling of not being ripped off.


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