Friday, June 3, 2011

Clearspring Miso Tasting

When Jen (Dashi Dashi) asked if I was insterested in participating in a miso tasting session, I excitedly replied. Little did I know that it was for Clearspring which I have used in the past. I try to use wheat free products where I can and have bought their Tamari soy sauce before. I didn’t realise that Clearspring actually makes other products too. Reading about Clearspring, they pride themselves to be organic with no artificial stuff added such as MSG or additives and preservatives.

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So I find myself walking to the lovely home of Helen (FussFreeFlavours) for the miso tasting session (and any excuse to have some awesome conversations and food really!). Unfortunately, talk about timing, the earthquake in Japan happened a few hours later and my heart goes out to them as well as to the people in Japan.

We tried quite a number of different miso products.

Powdered Miso Soups/Miso Bouillon

I’ve never been a fan of powdered miso soups, preferring to make my own with fresh dashi stock, nothing beats the flavour and intensity of a freshly made one. The powdered miso soups and bouillon from Clearspring did not change my mind.

Miso Relish

These were really strong and salty. Probably not meant to be eaten straight with a spoon. Will probably go well with dishes that require stronger flavours.

Barley/Brown Rice Miso

These probably fall into the red miso category which means heartier rich flavours. I like mixing white and red miso to give additional depth to miso soups. These were saltier and had a slight sour tang to it. You can probably skip adding more salt when using this.

Sweet White Miso

I love this, sweet and light with almost a fruity tang to it. I subsequently used this at home and it goes well to make light soups and dips or even as a marinade for fish and vegetables.

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I left with some brochures and other products that they have. Reading through the brochures, I was quite interested to see what they do specialty oils such as avocado, walnut, toasted pumpkin seeds and hazelnut oil.

Clearspring has also ventured into other healthy alternatives such as when you are pressed for time and have not had your fruit quota of the day, the fruit purees are a good option. I quite like the apple & blueberry version.

I also had a Nigari Tofu pack which can be eaten straight without cooking. It has more of a grainy texture rather than the silky smooth version. Is still a good alternative to have in your kitchen during those emergencies when you run out of fresh tofu.

Clearspring can be found and is sold in most UK supermarkets.

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  1. Thanks for writing this one up - I cannot think how I missed it origainaly! It was a fun evening. Soy sauce and tamari next I think!


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