Friday, July 15, 2011

Kam Fung, Holborn

I was first taken here during a lunchtime catch up as it was between both our workplaces. My friend recommended that I try their Hainanese chicken rice as she knew how much I love my Hainanese chicken rice.

For me, my grandmother who rears her own chicken and fenced off a corner of a public field to use as her own garden (very resourceful grandma!) makes the best version. Her Hainanese chicken rice is always the first thing to be demolished at gatherings and parties. It was always requested by friends when I organise a party at my house when I was a kid.

Sadly my grandmother has passed since and like my tiramisu quest, I'm always in search for good Hainanese chicken rice.


Ordered I did and was looking forward to it. Kam Fung's version isn't entirely authentic but tasty all the same. The portion is really huge and I struggled to finish actually.

The rice here was made healthier here as it lacked the chicken fat and juices that you're meant to cook the rice with. The chicken was drizzled heavily with a sweet sauce which was good but just not what is expected.

While it might not be true to its origins, I still like it and for the price, will happily return again when I'm in the area.


On other occasions, there is another dish that I highly recommend though and it is a dish that is off menu.

It's a beef dish that comprises of beef tendons and beef flank. The beef is soft and tender, the tendons are chewy and springy and the sauce that it is tossed in is one that you want to mop up with big servings of rice. As this is off menu I can never quite remember what it is called but is usually available.

I was back there for a late dinner once which I have the photos here but my memory is a tad hazy that night, forgive me as I can't remember what we ordered.


Kam Fung is a place to consider if you're around the Holborn area. The prices are reasonable and portions, huge. The food itself? No complaints.

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: Yes depending on what dishes.

Kam Fung Restaurant, 27 Red Lion St, London, WC1R 4PS

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  1. I used to walk past Kam Fung everyday on the way to the bus stop. Truth be told, I had it down as a bog standard Chinese restaurant. Just goes to show, don't judge a book by its cover.

  2. I make a decent chicken rice, although I will not claim to match anyone's grandmother! I'll make it for you sometime. Or maybe someday it'll feature on Plusixfive's supperclub menu.


  3. Mr Noodles - A lot of their standard offerings are catered to the western palate but the surprising dishes are those that are recommended or compliments of the chef when I was there. That might be the trick it seems.

    GoingWithMyGut - oohh....I'm definitely taking you up on your offer! Hugs!

  4. Chicken rice with a sunny side up? That's a first :) I usually go to Red Lion Street for Edokko. Do you think we can fit in a baby stroller in there? Heheh... things that we have to consider...

  5. Kay, does Kam Fung still leave your clothes saturated with the smell of Chinese food? Ate there a few years ago (thought the chicken rice was very decent) but remember leaving smelling completely of a Chinese restaurant kitchen!!

  6. TBWATW - Yes, it does if you stay in there long enough...and unfortunately a lot of chinese places does that...=(


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